What We Do

WHM represents Producers, Mixers, Engineers and Musicians for recording and touring. Our clients' experience includes Rock, Heavy Metal, Rap, Country, Hip Hop, Pop and Punk. If it’s in your playlist, chances are one of our clients worked on it!

In addition, we offer Production Coordination services from pre-production through mastering including contract negotiation, budgets, invoicing, scheduling and studio booking.

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Who We Are

  • Lindsay Chase

    Lindsay is originally from Detroit where she worked in live music, artist management and as a rock photographer. As a Production Coordinator in Los Angeles for Rick Rubin and American Recordings, she supervised the recordings of Grammy Award winning artists including Red Hot Chili Peppers, Rage Against The Machine, Metallica, Jay Z, Johnny Cash, System Of A Down, and Neil Diamond.

  • The White Horse

    Rocky is a twenty two year old white Quarter Horse. His background includes films for Warner Bros, Paramount, and Disney. Now retired from films, he still does television occasionally but what he really wants to do is direct.

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